Welcome to the Bijou Collection

Bijou is a family-owned and family-run collection of companies that operate in the hospitality and leisure industries in the UK and France. We opened our first venue, Silchester House, in 1997 and have been steadily, organically growing the group since that point. The Bijou Collection now comprises six remarkable venues in the UK and France and, across the group, we are involved in a broad selection of hospitality and leisure-related activities – from yoga retreats to weddings.

About The Bijou Collection

Across the Bijou group we focus on some core principles which underline who we are and what we do. We believe that your enjoyment of your truly exceptional experience, whether it be dinner out, a long weekend away, a fitness retreat or even your wedding, relies in huge part on the people, training and processes that form the bedrock of our wonderful in-house teams. Only upon the foundation of this underlying excellence can a truly seamless and fabulous guest experience be built and only when these two elements are in perfect harmony can and will we be content to see our name above the door.

The Bijou Collection is made up of some truly wonderful pieces of real estate. We view our stewardship of these buildings, homes and estates as our legacy – where necessary we sensitively return them to the height of their glory, as they were always intended, and then we work hard to keep them in absolutely perfect condition. This is not only in order to be able to share them with our esteemed guests, but because to do so gives us a sense of pride that we believe can only be achieved through the tending to and care of something truly beautiful and unique. We take every opportunity to share our Collection with you and we invite you to join us in enjoying it as often and in as many ways as you can.